Artist Biography

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 'En Passant''Marguerites''Dreamy Landscape' 

                     Ingeborg originates from Germany and has lived in England for most of her life. She has always loved drawing and painting and has a great interest in the history of art.

                   She achieved her Teaching Certificate and B.Ed. Degree in Art, Education and German in Sheffield and for many years worked in South Yorkshire, Croydon and Merton, teaching in High Schools and Adult Education.

Her work shows the influences of many art movements and painters, but remains refreshingly individual and diverse.


                She likes using different techniques for exploring form and expression in life and figure studies, capturing the transitory and subtle atmospheric impressions of landscapes or experimenting with colour and perception.


                  She enjoys the challenge of expressing ideas into visual images, which is reflected in the subjects, media and approaches she uses, whether composing a large abstract or a small line-and-wash composition.


           Ingeborg is an active member of 3 Art Groups and, during the last decades has had many solo exhibitions in and around London and Surrey and various locations in France and Germany, as well as numerous commissions.