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 'I ' in  'A Place'Rheinpfalz 

             2 newspaper cuttings and 1 example of posters

               from my exhibition in Germany April 2008

                                                          'KULTUR PZ'*  and  'DIE RHEINPFALZ'

German-British Woman exhibits in Thaleischweiler

At the Private View of the exhibition of about 70 works by the artist Ingeborg Neale, in the hall of the regional council, Mr. Harry Gessner, Head of VHS, remarked that 'they had been lucky' and were 'very pleased' to habe been able to put on this exhibition. The artist lives in London, but originates from the area.
The opening was attended byh many art lovers and accompanied by a trio of flutists from the regional music academic. The title was 'Impressions and 'Expressions' and showed a comprehensive selection of the variety of work by the artist who was also present.
She had left Germany decades ago for England and stayed there, frequently returning home to her birthplace. After her studies, including Art and Art History, she taught full-time in comprehensive schools and adult education for many years. She paints mainly in oils and acrylics, which constitute a great part of the exhibition which runs until 13th April, during official council hours, but also at the weekends, between 11am and 6 pm.
Ingeborg's inspiration is the beauty around her; not only in nature, but also in creations by people and ultimately people themselves. By using different techniques and media she persues her aim to 'express' adequately the 'impressions' she perceives. You can even find pen and ink drawings, some of them coloured. Again and again she strives for harmony, in form and shape as well as colours.
At times she simplifies the composition and lets her imagination take over, therey creating new realities. The borders between perceived reality and living dream become blurred. From her drawings of life models, she extends her figure paintings to scenes from life around her, making the person the most important part of it.

The photo shows Ingeborg Neale with Mr. Gessner, left, and Mr. Sammel, the deputy mayor, on the right.

There was also a short film of the exhibition with interview broadcast on regional cable tv.